Scholarships in the USA

Scholarships in the USA

If you want to continue your basketball career, but also study in America, be a part of the new SerbiaHoop project
and create your profile on our site completely FREE and increase your chances of being recruited by American schools and universities and earn a scholarship!

SerbiaHoop scouting service that is followed by large number of coaches from the United States and many of them use our service that helps them choose players for their programs, and thanks to the new section on our site dedicated to USA basketball they will have even better insight into players among whom you can you be as well.

All you have to do is fill out the questionnaire at this link ( and send it to us by email.

When we receive the information by e-mail, your profile will be created and the coaches will be able to see and recruit you.

About every interest or offer of a coach, ie. school you will be inform and if you receive an adequate offer that suits you, we help you go through the whole process.

Take the opportunity, introduce yourself to coaches across America and be one step closer to fulfilling your dream!

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