Two big games in U15 Belgrade League

Two big games in U15 Belgrade League

Two great games in U15 Belgrade League. Red Star hosted Partizan on Saturday in their hall on Železnik, where they have won 76:53. Last night in the Pinki Hall in Zemun, KK Mladost met with city rival KK Zemun. The final result of the match KK Mladost KK Zemun Fitofarmacija 82:66.

The routine victory of the U15 Red Star boys over big rival

From the very beginning, Zvezda managed to impose its rhythm of the game, in which the players of Partizan did not manage. The aggressive defense of red and white often began in the early stages of the attack of the Partizan basketball players, which would prevent the Partizan team from having a full time to organize a offense. However, even in position offense, Partizan was confused and without the idea of ​​ending their actions. Mostly they tried to score points through the middle. Red Star boys are physically dominant, they comited well in the defense and filled the paint where they successfully prevented the rival from scorinig points from penetrations. In support of this, is information that Partizan scored only 12 pointsfrom the field in the first half. They simply did not have a team leader who could encourage their game and the rest of the team to play with more confidence. However, the very bad halftime for Partizan. On the other side Red Star, they play stronger, more diversified and more concrete. In offense ball was flowing well and that left the possibility of a shot from distance and mid range. With though defense they played they disable Partizan transition game. The Red Star was led by the brilliant Topalovic, who was already double-digit in the first quarter and had 15 points in the first half.

Partizan managed to come to his game in the last 13 minutes, but Zvezda did not allow them to come back at any time. In the second half coaches give all players a chance to play, and Partizan managed to establish his game for the moment. However, this was not enough to achieve a better score. Red Star kept the lead by the end of the match.Red Star’s Aleksandar Topalovic was the most important player of the game, who finished the game with 22 points. Topalovic also perform best play of the game when he drove to baseline and dunked strong with two hands. Good game by Lazar Dobric, who scored 9 points. Filip Brankovic, who scored 10 points, had two great assist, with a lot of advocacy in the defense where he absolutely controlled the paint. In the Partizan the best player was Uroš Paunović who scored 13 points. Paunović deal well with Red Star pressure, with the help of Sergej Cvetkovic.. In the second half he had couple nice drive throw Red Star defense and score , but without help of his teammates he couldn’t affect on score alone. Cvetkovic, one of the leaders of the team, had one of the worst games in season. Red Star completely stopped him, eventually Cvetkovic finished the match with 6 points.

Score was 76:53 for Red Star, that lead her on top of the table for know. Red Star manage to qualify to U15 semifinal tournamet of Serbia, and Partizan expects big fight for fourth spot, they have to give therir best in last for rounds, because beside them KK Zemun and KK Vizura also pretend for that fouth spot.

KK Mladost defeat city rival KK Zemun

Both teams starts the game with couple points in row on both side. Mladost, who is recognizable on fast game, scored their point usualy on fastbreaks, Popovic with his long passes hits opens Nikolasevic and Milijasevic who runs well the court and finish with ease, while Zemun lean on position offense and throw Vidacic finding way to score the basket. In the end of first quater score was 24:17 for Mladost. Zemun didn’t surrender and with couple made shots from outside by Ivanjac and Vidacic keep in the game, while Mladost did not give up on his game in the offense, mostly through tandem Popovic-Milijasevic and with a lot of communication and defense , opponents were forced on difficult solutions, and on the half time break was +9 for Mladost 43:34.

In the second half Zemun is trying  to cut advantage , in the defense they succeeded in slowing Mladost’s offense, and in the attack they were mostly through Vujovic from a low post and a couple of good drives by Spasic came to easy points. Mladost at that point in the game was led by Ilija Milijasevic, with several points in the row and a couple of nice moves , and they didin’t allow Zemun to come up closer with a score. Zemun tries to reach the last forces of power and through Vujovic and Vidacic manage to drop to -5 mostly from the free throw line, but that was all, more than that they could not. In the middle of the 4th quarter, Mladost with a couple  Popovic  drives to basket and with three points by Nikolasevic  went over 10 points lead and brought the game into a peaceful ending. At the of the game Mladost won with 83:66.
In Mladost  Ilija Milijasevic with 30 points was the best , Srdjan Popovic scored 21, while Boris Nikolasevic  finished with 16. In Zemun better than others were Lazar Vujovic with 19 and Igor Vidacic with 16 points, good game also by Luka Ivanjac with  8 points, which, like Milijasevic, is one year younger than the competition (2004).

With this victory, Mladost retained the first place on the table that he shared with the KK Mega Bemax , while Zemun fell to 6th place, but also has a one game less than Partizan and Visura who have the same number of defeats as they did. These three teams will continue the fight for the 4th place in the table leading to the semifinal tournament of U15 Serbia championship. With the Mega and  Red Star, Mladost also qualified so  they do not have to worry about their status.


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