2007 Generation Ranking

2007 Generation Ranking

We present you the first look into 2007 generation. Take a look who are the best prospects from this generation:

Ognjen Srzentić lead this generation as a #1 prospect. At the moment he is one of the most complete players in the generation. Standing at 193cm can cover all outside positions. Very comfortable with a ball in his hands. Can create and score from the dribble, high basketball IQ and great skills. Has strong body and good frame to fill it. On Region Tournament he led selection of Belgrade to the title where he was named MVP of the tournament. Started playing in KK Žarkovo, but from this season he will be a member of Banjica Mega. 

Đorđe Šekularac is on #2 spot on our list. One of the most talented players in generation. Son of former player Mladen Šekularac. Lefty guard, around 190cm tall, excels as a shooter. Amazing shooting abilities for his age. Very good in catch and shoot situations, especially shooting coming out of screens where he has great balance, body control and set up his feet quickly. He started playing in BKK Radnički where he will stay this season as well be absolute leader in U15 team. 

Vladimir Cvijetić seize spot #3 on our list. Started in KK Sports World in Novi Sad, and last season he moved to KK Crvena Zvezda and now he represents the backbone of their U15 team. Great size and length standing around 196cm. Can cover guard and forward positions. Elite moves, very fluid with the ball, plays with the pace and has great understanding of the game. Like a previous two, he was also member of Selection of Belgrade who won Regional Tournament and was called up for U16 Serbia National team camp.   

Aleksandar Goljović is on position #4. Son of former well-known player Miljan Goljović. He was pretty unknown to Serbian audience because he started playing in Slovenia for BC Helios, but even there on Basket4Kids tournaments he showed his talent and potential. This year he came to KK Partizan and will led their U15 team. Plays both guard positions, around 187cm tall but with big upside thanks to great basketball genes he has. 

Stefan Marjanović sits on #5 position. He was the player that was under the radar for a while, but thanks to his amazing size it was impossible not to noticed him. Standing around 206cm he is at the moment tallest player in the generation. Coming from Sombor, Nikola Jokić hometown, he might follow his footsteps and be another great big man from that city. Played for KK Sombor and KK Joker, and from this season he is the newest asset of KK Star from Novi Sad. Besides great height for his age he has great mobility, footwork and body coordination. 


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