Preview: ABA U19 League

Preview: ABA U19 League

The upcoming weekend expects us an exciting qualification tournament of U19 ABA League. The competition starts on November 29th and will last until December 2nd.

Group A (Basketball Hall “Topolica”- Bar)

Mega Bemax

Group B (Basketball Hall “Jazine”- Zadar)

Crvena Zvezda mts
Partizan NIS
Olimpija Petrol
Buducnost VOLI


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Schedule of the competition:

1st Round

Mornar – Krka, cetvrtak 29.11.2018. (9:30h)
Zadar – Partizan Nis, cetvrtak 29.11.2018. (9:30h)
Crvena Zvezda mts – Buducnost VOLI, cetvrtak 29.11.2018. (11:45h)
Cedevita – Mega Bemax, cetvrtak 29.11.2018. (18:00h)
Cibona – Olimpija Petrol, cetvrtak 29.11.2018. (18:00h)

2nd Round

Mornar – Igokea, cetvrtak 29.11.2018. (20:15h)
Zadar – Crvena Zvezda mts, cetvrtak 29.11.2018. (20:15h)
Krka – Mega Bemax, petak 30.11.2018. (9:30h)
Partizan NIS – Olimpija Petrol, petak 30.11.2018. (9:30h)
Buducnost VOLI – Cibona, petak 30.11.2018. (11:45h)

3rd Round

Igokea – Krka, petak 30.11.2018. (18:00h)
Crvena Zvezda mts – Partizan Nis, petak 30.11.2018. (18:00h)
Cedevita – Mornar, petak 30.11.2018. (20:15h)
Cibona – Zadar, petak 30.11.2018. (20:15h)
Olimpija Petrol – Buducnost VOLI, subota 1.12.2018. (9:30h)

4th Round

Igokea – Cedevita, subota 1.12.2018. (11:45h)
Crvena Zvezda mts – Cibona, subota 1.12.2018. (11:45h)
Partizan NIS – Buducnost VOLI, subota 1.12.2018. (18:00h)
Mornar – Mega Bemax, subota 1.12.2018. (20:15h)
Zadar – Olimpija Petrol, subota 1.12.2018. (20:15h)

5th Round

Cedevita – Krka, nedelja 2.12.2018. (10:30h)
Cibona – Partizan NIS, nedelja 2.12.2018. (10:30h)
Mega Bemax – Igokea, nedelja 2.12.2018. (12:45h)
Olimpija Petrol – Crvena Zvezda mts, nedelja 2.12.2018. (12:45h)
Buducnost VOLI – Zadar, nedelja 2.12.2018. (15:00h)


The two best placed teams of each group will advance to the final tournament of U19 ABA league which will be held next year.


The title of the champion will defend U19 Mega Bemax. In the last year’s final they were better than U19 Crvena Zvezda mts with results (82:60).

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