Interview with Marko Andrić: KK Mega Bemax’s Floor General

Interview with Marko Andrić: KK Mega Bemax’s Floor General

Marko Andrić was born on January 28th, 2002 in Zrenjanin, where he made his first basketball steps in KK Petrovgrad. After that, he moved to Novi Sad, where he successfully wore KK Vojvodina’s jersey and then, as a pioneer, moved to Belgrade in 2016 and signed for Mega Bemax. For the past three years, Marko has already achieved great results in Mega. Immediately in his first season with Mega, he became the U15 Serbia champion and the Mini Cup winner, and in this past season he led Mega to the U17 Serbia championship title. The previous two years he was a member of the U16 Serbia NT with which he has a bronze medal from EC in 2017 and the fifth place from EC in 2018. After a great season, Marko got invited for U18 Serbia NT training camp for EC, and as well for the prestigious Basketball Without Borders Camp from which he recently returned. We talked to Mark about the recently finished season, impressions from the BWB Camp and about his beginnings and plans for the future.

You just got back from the Basketball Without Borders camp, can you describe to us how it was and what’s your impressions?

It was great and atmosphere was fantastic. We trained every day during the day with lots of scrimmages . I’m so glad I was part of that.

At the camp there were many great names from the world of basketball, such as Kristaps Porzingis, Bertans brothers, Jonathan Isaac and great coaches like Rick Carlise and Pablo Prigioni. Who of all of them left you the greatest impression on you and with whom did you have the closest relationship for these three days spent there?

We worked on 6 stations of various exercises so I had the opportunity to work with all the coaches and NBA players. Pablo Prigioni was definitely the greatest impression on me since he was the coach of my team. I communicated with him the most and I had the privilege of playing starting PG in his team.

Could you tell us something about yourself. Why exactly basketball? How did you start? How and why did you later decide, as a pioneer, to move with your brother to Mega Bemax?

From the very beginning, I began to train basketball. I loved to play and that’s the way it is now too. With my brother I moved to Belgrade for school, so I had to decide where I would continue to play basketball. Mega Bemax was the best choice.

This past season is over. Could you give us a short glance of it and are you satisfied with team performance, but also with your individual progress?

I am satisfied with the team and accomplishments we made. We had a lot of success in U17 and U19 competition during the season and tournaments. I would like to Thank to teammates and coaches for another extraordinary season. I think that individual progress is always present, and that this could be seen this season, but there’s still plenty to do.

Somewhere in the middle of the season, instead of Vlada Vukoičić, Branko “Zeka” Milisavljević becomes a new junior team coach. How much does it mean to work with him, since Zeka is someone who has a lot of playing experience behind him, and he also played the same position as you?

Zeka helped me to improve as a player and to understand the game a bit. He shared his playing experience and advices with me, and I adopted it through the practices and games.

In a few days you are having training camp with U18 Serbia national team for the European Championships in Greece. What are your expectations about that?

This will be my third year with the national team and I sincerely hope to be in the final roster for European Championship. Expectations are high since the previous two generations were U18 champions.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to be a professional basketball player. I think if I work hard, with a little luck I will be able to accomplish it.

We assume you are following the NBA. Do you have your favorite team and favorite player in the league?

To be honest , I’m not following too much NBA lately, but I am glad that Raptors have won NBA title. When it comes about players, I would like to single out the Rajon Rondo. I like him very much.

Thank you very much for your time. We wish you a lot of health and success in your future career!

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