Interview: Uros Trifunovic

Interview: Uros Trifunovic

Uroš Trifunović was born on December 5th 2000 in Belgrade. He started his career at BC Crvena Zvezda Belgrade. Hi is one of the best prospect in his generation not only in Serbia but in whole Europe. He came to Partizan in 2018 from Turkish team Pinar Karsiyaka after he took the gold medal with national team of Serbia U18. As he said before he came to Partizan, it is very important that he has enough minutes on the court in the senior competition. His desire was fulfilled and this season he played on a double license for BC Mladost Zemun with which he competed in the KLS league. Also he had a chance to score first points for the BC Partizan in national cup Radivoje Korać.

First of all, congratulations on winning the Radivoje Korcac cup. First trophy and first points for you in the Partizan’s jersey. How does it feel ?

“The thing that I was part of the team that won the Radivoj Korac cup and even got the chance to play in the quarter-finals is a great feeling and great experience “.

Behind you is a great year with the junior national team of Serbia, you won gold at the EC and you were the biggest discovery of the EC. What impressions do you have from that championship?

“I think we have done a great thing by winning the European Championship. This is certainly a great success. I’m glad that I had an important role and that I contributed to the team success” .

After the EP with the national team, you surely had lots of offers where you could continue your career, why did you decide for Partizan?

“I had several offers from the Serbia and abroad also, I decided to sign for Partizan and development team of Partizan, Mladost  Zemun because I thought that I would have the most room to progress and to play in senior competition “.

You signed a contract with Partizan, but you also play a double license for Mladost Zemun in KLS. Are you satisfied with your first senior season?

“I am satisfied, for me this is the first senior season and good school. I think that as a team we did a good job.”

Senior basketball is much different from the one that is played in youth categories, judging by your games seems like you fit well and adjust, but what was the biggest change for you in the game compared to youth categories?

“The contact game is certainly the biggest difference between junior and senior basketball. And for this reason, I think the KLS league helped me a lot and in a way prepared for the period ahead of me “.

Your father is a formerly celebrated basketball player and now a successful coach. How much does it mean to you that you have someone like that with you and how often you ask for advice from him, especially now when you enter the senior basketball?

“His advice and criticism means a lot for me because he has experience as a player and as a coach. Essentially, helps me a lot with his advices “.

You are a player who can cover all external positions, but which position do you prefer to play and where you feel the most comfortable?

“The fact that I can play all three outside positions I see as my advantage. The most important thing to me is that I am on the court and helping my team to win “.

You pointed out couple times that Nemanja Bjelica is your favorite player? What do you especially like about him and is maybe there another player you look at?

“I like his ability to cover more positions and that he is a type of player taht wheter he is scoring or not he can find a way to contribute to the team “.

You also had the opportunity to debut for the first team of Partizan in the match against Zadar. What was the feeling and how much does it mean to you?

“Certainly is a great feeling to play a game for a club like Partizan. I sincerely hope that there will be more opportunities “.

Andrea Trinchieri came to Partizan in November as the first coach. What is your opinion on Trinchieri and how is it working with him?

“To me, as a young player, the arrival of such an experienced coach certainly helps a lot and presents a great opportunity to learn a lot “.

What are your wishes and plans in your further career?

“To play basketball at the highest possible level and to constantly make progress “.

Thank you again for your time and we want you a lot of success in your future career!

You’re welcome. Thank you “.

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