Interview: Ognjen Mićović

Interview: Ognjen Mićović

Ognjen Micovic was born on March 10th, 2000 in Cacak, where he made his first basketball steps. Whan he was 11, he moved to Belgrade and spent 2 seasons in basketball clubs Zemun and Zarkovo and finally this season he returned to his hometown where he signed his first professional contract with BC Borac Cacak. In Roda JLS Ognjen was convincingly the best scorer and assistant of the league with (482Pts, 168Ast) and Borac took the 4th place in U19 Roda JLS. On December 7th, 2018, Ognjen also had a chance to debut for Borac senior team against BC Beovuk in the KLS league.

Tell us something about your beginnings and why did you decide for basketball?

”I always loved sport and basketball more than other sports. Maybe because when I was a boy, I spent a lot of time in Borac’s Hall in Cacak, because I grew up there”.

You also had a two-year episode in Belgrade. First in BC Zemun, then BC Zarkovo. Why did you decide to that step and what kind of experience you have from those two club clubs?

”I did’t come to Belgrade because of the basketball. I moved becouse of the family and since I trained basketball before in Cacak, I just went in Belgrade. First I practiced in OKK Zvezda as a kid, and then I went to Zemun. So I spent 7 years in Belgrade, not two”.

Behind of you is a fantastic season, team as well as individual. At the end 4th place for Borac at U19 Roda JLS, also so close to enter in the final game. Could you look back at this season and tell us are you satisfied with your games?

”I am rarely satisfied with my games. It can always be better. first of all to training more and playing better. At every training and every game I played. In the season I had opportunities for learning and I learned a lot. We deserved 4th places, because this generation has many talented players and the good team”.

You signed a first professional contract with BC Borac. How much does it mean to you?

”It means a lot to me, crossing to professional basketball. It is normal becouse every player has a fear after the junior season, if somewhere there will be a place for him. I had luck that the club was already in the middle of the season and thay wanted to sing contract with me before the end of the junior competition”.

You’ve got a chance to play some games for the senior team of Borac. What are your impressions, playing against senior players and how much did it mean to your games in younger categories?

”I didn’t have much opportunity to show up in the senior team, so I couldn’t get some feeling so far. In any case, it means a lot to me since I am 18 years old. I trained regularly with the senior team, it mean a lot to me to play a lot of minutes at all junior games”.

What was the biggest difference for you that you noticed in the senior basketball compared to junior basketball?

”There is not much difference, because the junior team coaches works at a top level”.

Do you have a basketball model or someone you look at?

”Kostas Slukas is one of the biggest models”.

Goals and plans for the next season?

”A lot of training and playing basketball”.

What is a club of your dreams that you would like to play one day?

”Real Madrid”!

Thank you again for your time and we want you a lot of success in your future career!

”You’re welcome. Thank you “.

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