2001 Generation Ranking Update

2001 Generation Ranking Update

This generation is one of the most talented generations in the last couple years. Lot of good and interesting prospects and in comparasing with 2000 generation this is much wider and more versatile. Mario Nakić is on top as #1 prospects of this generation. The guy who recently debut for Real Madrid in ACB and who had dominant F8 ANGT as one year younger than competition absolutely deserve to be here and he is probably in top 3 in whole Europe right now. Maybe is too much to except for him to fill out Luka Doncic place when he leave to NBA but no doubt that in the next few years Nakic is going to be one of the Real Madrid’s best players. On #2 we have Aleksej Pokuševski who is something really special. Unusual talent, standing around 6’11, handling the ball like a guard, with great court vision and with solid shoot who is improving. That’s something that we don’t see very often. He may not play on the top level at the moment because he has problem with mobility, explosivity, lack of strenght, but with talent like that you gotta be patience. Đorđe Pažin unfortunately played only couple games this season because of paperwork problem duo to transfer from Stella Azzura to Partizan, but his talent was never questioned, we will see how he will look like on U17 WC.  Nemanja Popović is another interesting talent, 6’9 forward who can play inside and outside, understands and reads the game really well, look like still didn’t finish with physical development so he may grow inch or more. Aleksandar Langović improve his game a lot this year, especially when it comes to shooting. He add mid range shoot to his game and he is now even threat from 3PT line. Dušan Tanasković and Stevan Karapandžić was Partizan leaders through whole season. Tanasković showed nice progres on back to basket moves and his footwork which helped him to become more constant scorer on low post. Size could be problem in the future is he stays on 6’9. When it comes to Karapandzić one word is enough to describe him – leader. He is a real definition of true point guard on the court. He need to improve his decison making but that will come with experience. Boško Bumbić is another PG  who had amazing season behind him, too bad that he got injured in semifinal game vs Crvena Zvezda on F8. He also have great leadership ability but he is more offesive oriented than Karapandzić. Lazar Živanović and Lazar Vasić have got good seasons behind them where they played for U17 and U19 Crvena Zvezda team. Živanović has great athletic and defensive potential, while Vasić improve a lot as a PG, when it comes to passing and decision making, also become more constant behind the arc.

New players on the list:

Vuk Radojičić played this season in Germany for Jena where he came from Borac Cacak.  Looks like he made great decision choosing the Jena, where he played U19 NBBL and 4th German league for Jena 2nd team, but also Vuk made his debut in Bundesliga where he played 3 games. Quick and agressive pass first PG with solid shoot. Size could be problem to play basketball on higher level.

Bogdan Tejić is 6’3 PG who plays for Dinamik. He came to Dinamik from Uzice and looks like he adapted well. Most of the season he played for U19 team were he was starting PG when Vuk Vulikc was absent. He didn’t have some great numbers but he showed time to time flashes of his potential. He also led his U17 team to the title in F4 RKS with 20 pts and 5.5 ast.

Pavle Stepanović is 6’4 lefty combo guard from Radnicki Kragujevac. Has good body frame to fill out. Moves very fluidly, can control the body well. Has high level of competitiveness. Very good ball handling, he does a great job of finding angles to get to the basket and changing directions to keep his defender off balance. Good shoot creator with solid shoot precents. This season in Triglav KLS was avereging 15.6pts, 3.6reb and 2.5 ast.

Full list TOP 30 2001

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