1999 Generation Ranking Update

1999 Generation Ranking Update

No big changes in Top 10, Nikola Mišković remains #1 prospect of this generation. This season he had problems with injury, but in the next season he should have big impact on Mega Bemax team in ABA league. His teammate Andrija Marjanović get chance in Mega first team earlier than expected and he played surprising well. Vuk Vulikić still didn’t get a real chance in Dinamik, but he showed many times in U19 JLS that he got potential to become complete PG. Aleksa Uskoković got injured in bad time, he should be first option in Superliga considering Filip Covic went to Crvena Zvezda. Lazar Nikolić had solid freshmen season in Colorado, he showed that he adjusted well and that in the next season he should have important role in the team. Stefan Momirov made the right choice by going to Vrsac on loan, he make the most of his first senior season. Tadija Tadić and Mihajlo Jovičić are still waiting a chance in Partizan and Mega Bemax, maybe next season they can fight for back up PG role in their teams. Boris Ristanović made strange decision by choosing Memorial University in Canada and playing weak Canadian CIS league instead of playing in NCAA 1. We will see how is that going to reflect on him. Filip Pavićević still didn’t show his full potental even thought he had solid numbers in Italian 3rd division.

New players on the list are:

Aleksa Nikolić brought attention on himself  with great performances for Basket Bassano, then he got offer from Trevizo Basket where he continue playing good in U20 league and he even got a chance in some games in 2nd Italian division.

Miša Milojević is 6’6 athletic swingman from Konstantin. He was the best player in U19 Konstantin team and also he had an important role playing for the first team in 2. MLS averaging 6.5 pts 3.3 reb.

Strahinja Stanković plays for IBAM Munich from Germany. He came there from OKK Nibak and this is his first season outside of country. He had ups and downs during the season but in some games he showed flashes of his potential and by time passes I am sure that he will be better.

Mihajlo Jerković is 6’8 forward from Umana Reyer Venzia where he is since 2014.  He was the best in U20 Umana team averging 15.9 pts, and he played on loan for Rucker Sanve in Seria C. He is also got invited for U20 Serbian NT training kamp.

Luka Kraljić had good season behind him where he was the best player of Radnicki in U19 JLS. He averged 12.7 pts and 8.6 reb. He didn’t get a chance in first team but next season it’s excepted to have important role especially because Radnicki droped from KLS to 2. MLS.

Marko Lukić is one of the most pleasent suprise for me. He didn’t have some big impact here while he was playing for KK Zemun, but he exploded in his first season in Germany playing for Crailsheim Merlins averging 23.1 pts, 7.7 reb and 5.1 ast in U19 NBBL. It’s obviously that he is improved a lot since last season but it’s hard to evaluate guys that play in Germany because I am very skeptical about level of basketball in German youth leagues.

Full list TOP 30 1999

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  • Kayser Soze Reply

    Na rankingu fali Aleksa Matić, zlatni junior, košarkaš BKK Radničkog. Sigurno je kvalitet u top 30.

    4. June 2018. at 17:54
  • Stefan Reply

    Slazem se sa prethodnim komentarom za Aleksu Matica. Sto se tice Marka Lukica, igrao je u ekipi sa mojim sinom jedne sezone, odlican igrac, mene je uvek cudilo kako za njega nema mesta u nekoj od jacih ekipa. Svi kosarkaski elementi na mestu, jedino mu je trebalo malo fizikalije da popravi, i zalaganje u odbrani. Mislim da ga u Zemunu isto nisu iskoristili kako treba, i jako mi je drago da cujem da lepo igra u Nemackoj. Inace, ovaj komentar o “skepsi u pogledu jacine liga mladjih kategorija u Nemackoj” ne znam koliko je na mestu. Nisam blize upoznat sa tim ligama, ali cisto sumnjam da autor clanka jeste, tako da mislim da bolje da se uzdrzao od komentara.

    8. June 2018. at 14:03

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